Mister Exam

Other calculators

  • How to use it?

  • y=x;y=2*x+9;x^2=y
  • x^3-3x^2
  • y=(x-2)^3;y=4x-8
  • y=4-x^2;y=2-x
  • Identical expressions

  • y=x;y= two *x+ nine ;x^ two =y
  • y equally x;y equally 2 multiply by x plus 9;x squared equally y
  • y equally x;y equally two multiply by x plus nine ;x to the power of two equally y
  • y=x;y=2*x+9;x2=y
  • y=x;y=2*x+9;x²=y
  • y=x;y=2*x+9;x to the power of 2=y
  • y=x;y=2x+9;x^2=y
  • y=x;y=2x+9;x2=y
  • Similar expressions

  • y=x;y=2*x-9;x^2=y


The teacher will be very surprised to see your correct solution 😉