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Plot (7a²x-3ax)-(2a²x+5ax+4)+(a²x+4)

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   2                  2                  2          
7*a *x - 3*a*x + - 2*a *x - 5*a*x - 4 + a *x + 4 = 0
$$\left(a^{2} x + 4\right) + \left(\left(- 3 a x + 7 a^{2} x\right) + \left(\left(- 5 a x - 2 a^{2} x\right) - 4\right)\right) = 0$$
The graph of the function
The graph
Plot (7a²x-3ax)-(2a²x+5ax+4)+(a²x+4)

    Examples of implicit functions

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    • exponential functions and exponents exp(x)
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