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  • Differential equation:
  • Equation y'=-x^(1/2)*sin(x)*y
  • Equation y'''=cos5x
  • Equation dy=v=4xpixr^3/3
  • Equation dy=xydx
  • Identical expressions

  • sec^ two (x)*ctg(y)dx+sec^ two (y)*tg(x)dy= zero
  • sec squared (x) multiply by ctg(y)dx plus sec squared (y) multiply by tg(x)dy equally 0
  • sec to the power of two (x) multiply by ctg(y)dx plus sec to the power of two (y) multiply by tg(x)dy equally zero
  • sec2(x)*ctg(y)dx+sec2(y)*tg(x)dy=0
  • sec2x*ctgydx+sec2y*tgxdy=0
  • sec²(x)*ctg(y)dx+sec²(y)*tg(x)dy=0
  • sec to the power of 2(x)*ctg(y)dx+sec to the power of 2(y)*tg(x)dy=0
  • sec^2(x)ctg(y)dx+sec^2(y)tg(x)dy=0
  • sec2(x)ctg(y)dx+sec2(y)tg(x)dy=0
  • sec2xctgydx+sec2ytgxdy=0
  • sec^2xctgydx+sec^2ytgxdy=0
  • sec^2(x)*ctg(y)dx+sec^2(y)*tg(x)dy=O
  • Similar expressions

  • sec^2(x)*ctg(y)dx-sec^2(y)*tg(x)dy=0

Differential equation sec^2(x)*ctg(y)dx+sec^2(y)*tg(x)dy=0

The teacher will be very surprised to see your correct solution 😉


For Cauchy problem:

y() =
y'() =
y''() =
y'''() =
y''''() =

The graph:

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