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Study functions Step by Step

Function f()

The graph:

from to

Intersection points:

does show?

    Examples of functions

    The above examples also contain:

    • square roots sqrt(x),
      cubic roots cbrt(x)
    • trigonometric functions:
      sinus sin(x), cosine cos(x), tangent tan(x), cotangent ctan(x)
    • exponential functions and exponents exp(x)
    • inverse trigonometric functions:
      arcsine asin(x), arccosine acos(x), arctangent atan(x), arccotangent actan(x)
    • natural logarithms ln(x),
      decimal logarithms log(x)
    • hyperbolic functions:
      hyperbolic sine sh(x), hyperbolic cosine ch(x), hyperbolic tangent and cotangent tanh(x), ctanh(x)
    • inverse hyperbolic functions:
      asinh(x), acosh(x), atanh(x), actanh(x)
    • number Pi pi
    • complex number i

    The insertion rules

    The following operations can be performed

    - multiplication
    - division
    - raising to the power
    x + 7
    - addition
    x - 6
    - subtraction
    Real numbers
    insert as 7.5, no 7,5
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