Mister exam

Mister exam

This site helps you to solve math problems online with detailed step-by-step instructions.

Differential equations Step by Step

For homogeneous and inhomogeneous linear differential equations of the first and second orders, differential equations with separable variables, with replacement, etc. with a detailed step-by-step solution

Limits Step by Step

The limit calculator allows for finding the limit of the function at the end point or at infinity with a step-by-step solution, as well as finding the limit using the L'Hospital's rule

Integral Step by Step

The integral calculator provides the ability to solve definite, indefinite, improper integrals step by step

Sum of series Step by Step

Gives an analytical and numerical answer to the sum of a series, as well as a graph of the convergence rate of the sum of a series

Taylor Row Step by Step

The calculator expands the function into a Taylor series to a predetermined exponent of the series

Fourier series step by step

This calculator allows you to decompose a function in a Fourier series on a given segment on the X axis

Derivative Step by Step

Using the derivative calculator, you can calculate a function derivative with one variable with a detailed solution, the partial derivatives of the function with two and three variables, as well as the derivative of the implicit function given by the equation

Regular Equations Step by Step

The calculator of ordinary equations can solve equations with degrees, including square and cubic, some in the fourth degree, equations with a module, simple linear, exponential equations, simple trigonometric and some others. Any other equations with an answer. It is possible to solve equations numerically.

Equation systems Step by Step

You will receive several detailed solutions for linear systems of equations, including a “head-on” solution, using Cramer’s and Gauss rules

Complex Numbers step by step

Operations are performed on complex numbers: division, multiplication and other simplification, finding a complex conjugate number, algebraic, trigonometric and exponential forms of a complex number.

You will also find the module of the complex number

Function diagram construction step-by-step

The calculating tool constructs function diagram in orthogonal coordinates, the diagram construction interval can be specified, intersection points are indicated in this diagram, if several functions are preset, as well as the appropriate function is examined

Examining the function graph in steps

The calculator generates a detailed analysis of the function graph: the extrema of the functions, horizontal and vertical asymptotes, the inclined asymptotes, the evenness and oddness of the function, the inflection points, the points of intersection of the graph with the X and Y axis, the domain of the function, also plotting the graph of the corresponding function

Inequalities Step by Step

In addition to analytic solution of inequality, you will see the solution of inequality on the graph

Inequality Systems step by step

In some cases, inequalities are represented by the system of several inequalities with one or two variables

Mathematical Logic

The calculator can put brackets, simplify logical expressions, build a truth table, find the normal form of an expression

Improper integral step by step

Allows you to calculate the improper integral and set the limits of integration equal to plus or minus infinity

Derivative of a function defined parametrically

Specify the function specified by two parameters, and the calculator will calculate the derivative of this function

Expression simplification

Enter a simplified expression and the calculator will find all possible simplifications of an algebraic expression or a complex number

Parametric Function Graph

You can build a graph of the function given by the parameters

Implicit Function Graph

You can plot the implicit function given by the equation

Derivative of implicit function

Specify the implicit function and the calculator will find its derivative

Surface Construction

Enter the surface function or the surface given by the equation

Construction of surface preset parametrically

You should enter several functions, which preset the surface parametrically

Construction of curve in space

You should enter several functions, which preset the curve in space parametrically

Polar function graph

Enter the function given in polar coordinates

Canonical view

It reduces the equation form for lines in plane and in space of the second order and surfaces of the second order to the canonical form


In this section you can perform both standard operations with matrices, such as multiplication, addition, determinant, inverse, rank, and exotic operations with matrices: complex conjugate, proper vectors and proper values, QR and LU

Degree calculator

The degrees calculator helps you to do various transformations with angles

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